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Im Amanda Joyce. Im 17. I've wanted to be alot while growing up but, my number one goal right now is to become a photographer. I love taking pictures of nature and peacefulness. Although I still like crazy out there photos just as much but i catch myself taking pictures of colors and animals that stand out.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I took this at EIU.


  1. I love the cinematic lighting you're using here, and the cool color balance. There's also a ton of texture in this image that gives it a sense of charm, and a grip on reality - I feel like I can reach out and touch it. I maybe would have been a little more thoughtful in the composition - I think the switch has been kind of thrown into the plane here. But this has some very good fundamentals. You have a great eye.

    Next time, I would try to think about the rule of thirds a little more to make your pictures seem more harmonious.

  2. this picture is very nice. you did a very nice job editing it. i like the smidget of red. i also enjoy the dark and worn outlook to it.


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