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Im Amanda Joyce. Im 17. I've wanted to be alot while growing up but, my number one goal right now is to become a photographer. I love taking pictures of nature and peacefulness. Although I still like crazy out there photos just as much but i catch myself taking pictures of colors and animals that stand out.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We have a self guided project and i have a few pictures that i put in there.This one is the third one. i like it alot b.c its black and white and i added a blueish and greenish tint to it, and it has high contrast?

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  1. Hey, this picture's pretty awesome. :D I like the mood it gives off, sort of solemn and contemplative. I also like how sharp the focus is on the wick. This is a very strong image, and it evokes a lot of emotion from the viewer.


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